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Here’s how the story unfolds…
About us
It all started when one of our founders (Adam) was an Account Executive, relentlessly working to build pipeline and close sales opportunities.
Getting internal support on deals was challenging to orchestrate and forecasting close dates even harder.

Worse still, the buying experience was poor as Adam persisted in chasing down approvals and decisions to get deals closed.
Hassling buyers rarely ends well.
Then Adam got promoted.
Now, it wasn’t just him with the headache. Adam had a group of Account Executive’s with the same challenges.
Then Adam got fired.
Poor forecasting and slipped deals quarter over quarter were too much for his CEO to take.
Excel came to the rescue and soon account and action planning was simplified. In his next role, Adam excitedly introduced Close Plans and Account Planning on Excel to his new sales team.
Yet still, all interactions were manual, cumbersome and one-way (the buyer had no visibility of anything happening internally).
So, Adam met Kim (he wasn’t fired again) and together developed software so sellers didn’t get headaches.
dealpad is the culmination of years of optimizing the process to make thousands of sellers successful across global Enterprise sales motions.
Imagine a world where technology, process & people come together to supercharge sales enablement and make sellers the hero’s. Hello, dealpad.
Today, dealpad is a company headquartered in London, UK and operates globally. Like most companies since 2020, our entire team work fully remotely.
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Learn how dealpad helps win the deal
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