Increased cold prospect outreach-to sales meeting conversion by 40x

Customer: Churnly
Industry: Revenue Ops, SaaS
User Persona: VP Sales Development
Author: Martha Wallis
Interviewed: Markus Crelinstein
Publish Date: 18 June 2022
Key Highlights
Average conversion rate from cold prospect outreach to sales call increased from 1 in 200 to 40 in 200
Within 6 weeks of onboarding closed two deals, that had slipped through two consecutive quarters in pipeline, as a direct result of adopting dealpad’s buying process
Increased team quota attainment from 62% to 93% in first 12 months of using dealpad
The Story of Churnly
Churnly are a 40-person SaaS company headquartered in London, UK. Their primary product is used by finance and customer success teams to understand the root cause of customer churn and take preventative measures to avoid contracting or losing customers/revenue.
Churnly have 15 employees in their commercial teams, spanning sales, pre-sales, customer success & marketing. Churnly use Hubspot as their CRM.
Prior to piloting dealpad, Churnly were experiencing three main pains;
Deal slippage - Inability to close deals by close-date was hurting the business from a revenue and forecasting standpoint
Losing competitive RFP bids due to not being close enough to the buying process
They were struggling to increase ACV and were drawn in to price, leading a race to the bottom on most deals and affecting EBITDA
You have to show your potential buyer what they want to see, before they know they want to see it. Helping buyers learn and see what best practice looks like is often key to getting their attention
Adam West
Markus Crelinstein
VP Sales Development
Dealpad began engaging Churnly through cold outreach, initially receiving interest from the Head of Sales. After the initial discovery two main use cases were identified;
Churnly’s prospecting engine wasn’t firing and they weren’t generating the level of qualified leads needed to build enough pipeline to deliver annual quota. Sidenote: It was dealpad’s branded, personalized approach to prospecting that triggered the initial interest from Churnly’s Head of Sales, who wanted similar capabilities
The Enterprise sales team required a more structured, formulaic approach to winning deals, specifically in understanding what they were being evaluated against and how to engage multiple influencers through the buying process
Churnly has been a dealpad customer since 2021. The initial success metrics dealpad was set were:
  1. Improve lead generation and sales meeting conversion by at least 20%
  2. Have dealpad baked into Churnly’s sales process with full team adoption
  3. Demonstrate dealpad made the difference on closing deals
Points 1 & 2 were clear and measurable, yet point 3 was less tangible.
dealpad and Churnly ringfenced five pipeline opportunities (3 that had been in pipeline for more than 300 days and 2 that were in pipeline for less than 60 days) and helped the selling team understand how and where to use dealpad to move the deals along.
The initial support and guidance dealpad provided to our sales team was critical, enabling the Account Executive’s to introduce a proven process into their deal which the buyer’s also appreciated. In one particular deal, we had feedback from the buyer that it also helped her understand her internal process better, highlighting a few key areas that had been missed on both sides. We eventually closed 2 of the 3 deals that had been stuck in pipe and both of the newer opportunities
The dealpad team work across pre-sales and Enterprise sales motions at Churnly, empowering their Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives to build powerful, personalized buying experiences, from first touch to contract.
Key outcomes dealpad has helped deliver are:
Exponentially increased the number of sales meetings booked
Buying experiences
Enabled Churnly to deliver personalized buying experiences for their prospects
Adopted a proven buying process into their sales motion
Exponentially increased the number of sales meetings booked
A key metric for Churnly was to improve their prospecting motion and increase the volume of sales meetings their SDR’s were sitting.
Churnly use software for buying persona data, to track buying intent and an email sequencing tool for at-scale outreach, so they’re fairly advanced with the sales stack used to prospect. The gap was conversion, from outreach > response > sales meeting.
Being able to create a personalized space for each of our prospects has been a game-changer. It’s 100% the reason we’ve increased our conversion from outreach to sales meeting so dramatically. The sales room enables Churnly to put our best foot forward at the very first touch, providing prospects with data and information on our solution before we’ve even started a conversation. It’s also led to referrals where folks we have prospected to share our sales room with others
Adam W
Adam W
VP Sales Development
Enabled Churnly to deliver two-way buying experiences for their prospects
All of the tools Churnly were using were one-way, from their CRM to account planning, and it led to surprises and unknowns throughout their buying process, which would delay or derail their ability to get deals closed. Churnly were looking for a solution that would help them engage with their buyers and develop deeper relationships
Churnly two-way buying experiences
We wanted to partner with our buyers, not sell to them. It was important for us strategically that we adopted our approach to working in a virtual world and leverage digital capabilities to engage and collaborate deeply with our buying teams throughout the sales process
Edwin de Kok,
Chief Operations Officer
If you’d like to build personalized experiences for your prospects and buyers that significantly increase the likelihood of winning more deals, contact us
Adopted a proven buying process into the sales motion
Before onboarding dealpad, Churnly’s sales team were frequently out of control of their own sales process, which led to not being name vendor of choice and, most commonly, missing close-dates. There was a desire amongst sales leadership to adopt a structured sales process to help the team get more thorough and navigate through complex buying cycles.
Churnly tbuying process
One of my personal goals last year was to build repeatability into the team. We had 2-3 AE’s that consistently delivered quota and a bunch that didn't. We were looking at software to provide the framework and structure we needed to run a consistent sales process. We evaluated dealpad alongside several other vendors and what really stood out for us was the team at dealpad led us on a journey of discovery. They taught us things we didn’t know and showed us how using dealpad would drive the outcomes we were shooting for
Hannah McGregor,
Head of Enterprise Sales
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