Year-on-Year 4x pipeline growth and trebled closed-won conversions

Customer: Click Dimensions
Industry: Martech, SaaS
User Persona: Global VP Sales
Author: Martha Wallis
Interviewed: Simon Hutchings
Publish Date: 1 July 2022
Key Highlights
Added $6M new business pipeline in 12 months
Moved from closing 30% of pipeline deals in a quarter to 85%
84% of sales team delivered quota (up from 54% previous year)
The Story of Click Dimensions
Click Dimensions are a 150-person SaaS company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Their primary product is marketing automation for Microsoft Dynamics customers.
Click Dimensions have approximately 60 employees in their commercial teams, spanning sales, pre-sales, customer success & marketing. Click Dimensions use SalesForce as their CRM.
Prior to piloting dealpad, Click Dimensions were using Google Drive for document sharing and were not using close plans. The key pains Click Dimensions were trying to solve were;
Getting individual sales contributors delivering quota
Lack of visibility into opportunities and buyer alignment
Inability to forecast with any real certainty
In Q1 2021 Click Dimensions made the strategic decision to implement MEDDIC into their global sales process to support building more predictability into their sales organization. There were two main outcomes expected
To get closer to deals and better understand buying processes
To add deeper inspection to forecasting
In Q3 2021 Click Dimensions became a dealpad customer following a competitive evaluation of market vendors.
Initially the dealpad team worked with Sales Enablement to onboard and set up 35 people from the organization. This included Account Executives, Account Managers, Business Development Representatives, Sales Development Representatives and Customer Success.
To support MEDDIC, Click Dimensions used dealpad to develop their sales process and became more rigorous and systematic in their approach.
The practice of developing a cadence to determine mutual fit and ensure our sellers knew everything they’d need to get the deal through and who nin the buying team we had to influence, from the earliest stage in the conversation, enabled us to rapidly prioritize the deals we worked on, reducing many hours of wasted conversations
Paul Gumley
Paul Gumley,
Head of Sales Development
Closed-won rate 3x’d as a result of adding rigour to the sales process
Buyer Centric Go-To-Market
Before dealpad Click Dimensions would share documents, decks and such like with prospects via email or Google Drive. Whilst this worked in most part, in doing so they were unable to use data to see how prospects were engaging with content, which made it hard to know what resonated and what didn’t. Furthermore, these channels forced engaging with buying teams to be one-way experiences.
I got goosebumps in a dealpad demo we were being given during our initial evaluation. I saw how creating real two-way buying experiences could make a difference, not just to our own internal process but critically through the buyer’s eyes. The light bulb moment for us as a sales team came shortly after we onboarded with dealpad and begun to build out personalized spaces - it elevated our entire approach to selling
Pietro Gambolini
Pietro Gambolini,
Sales Manager
Click Dimensions have two use-cases for their sales rooms;
Engaging with known prospects they want to win - Curating personalized rooms to direct prospects to has seen the sales team exponentially increase the number of responses and sales meetings the Sales Development team are getting.
This has led to a 400% increase in the amount of qualified pipeline the organization added in the last 12 months compared to the previous year
Developed safe, flexible buying spaces which have built trust with their buyers - Click Dimensions report having a shared, private space to communicate has had a noticeable effect on the amount of stakeholders they’re able to engage and develop relationships with.
We have access to around 40% more of the buying team that we did previously, simply by offering an environment to collaborate and share in. On average, in most rooms we have 4-5 of our internal team involved and 7-10 of the buying team. It’s helped cross functional teams get involved much faster and removes so much friction from our sales cycle
Austin ellis
Austin Ellis
Director of Revenue Operations
Deeper deal inspection
Deal reviews were reasonably unstructured prior to dealpad. In using dealpad, Click Dimensions expected to improve the understanding they had on each deal, making deal inspection much more insightful and impactful.
Our deal reviews have shifted gears significantly. Prior to dealpad we’d review 4-5 deals in 30 minutes, since dealpad we’ve extended the session to 45 minutes and only cover a single deal each week. It’s helped everyone prioritize key deals to review and forced the Account Executive and selling team to get a lot more granular in their understanding of each opportunity being worked. This has enabled me, as Head of Sales, to make a solid assessment on the likelihood of a deal closing and helped me more accurately forecast
Simon Watson,
Global Head of Sales
ClickDimensions Story deal inspection
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