It’s not just what you know, but who you know that gets deals closed

WOW! your buyers
In every enterprise sales process, knowing who will influence your deal, how involved they’ll be, what their opinion/bias is and the level of influence they have, is critical to getting a deal closed.
With dealpad, it’s simple and fast to identify and map the relationships between all of the stakeholders you’ll need to influence and document their seniority and bias.
Eliminate surprise influencers appearing late in the process
Bring all of your buyer-side stakeholders into the process with you, early
Stakeholder mapping
Have certainty you know everyone at the table
Stakeholder mapping
Having the discipline to map out my buying teams early in the process has helped me navigate through gate-keepers, identify detractors and bring everyone to the conversation at the right team.
I don’t run a sales process without this now
Max Crawford
Account Executive
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