DealPad is a company headquartered in London, UK and Seattle, USA and operates globally. Like most companies since 2020, our entire team work fully remotely and are spread across 9 countries, which enables us to support our customers on their own time zone

Sales teams typically use DealPad in mid-to-enterprise sales motions to access and engage their buying stakeholders throughout the sales process.

Sellers will have best-in-class tools to support their sales efforts. You can expect to increase win-rate by around 20% and build two-way buying experiences for your prospects. When a deal is ready to close, Mutual Action Plans enable teams to fully align on the process required to get to contract signature by the agreed close date.
Sales leaders will be able to forecast with accuracy and know the gaps their team should address to get deals closed on time.

We believe we have made DealPad easy to understand and use. Should you have difficulty using DealPad, require an assisted experience, have specific questions or suggestions as to how we can improve the usability of the product or the overall user experience, please email us

DealPad’s software is customizable and pricing is offered on a specific customer-by-customer basis.
All of our contracts start with a minimum 1 (one) year annual subscription, paid in full upon invoice which is usually issued when initiating the agreement

Our standard contract terms enable customers to provide written notice of intent to cancel outside of any notice period. The minimum standard period of notice required to cancel is 90 days prior to renewal of contract.
If you decide to cancel during a period for which you have paid, you will continue to get access to all of the services you have paid for until the end of the contract period.


DealPad is hosted on the Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) Cloud hosted services platform. Some of the security measures AWS takes to protect your data are;

  • A secure, SAS70-certified Tier 4 data center
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • SSL and application security
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Third-party certifications for security practices

All development takes place in Europe. In an effort to prevent breaches or theft and ensure that only authorized users have access to your application and related data at all times, we have put the following safeguards in place:

  • Encrypted connections between your data sources, our facility and Amazon Web Services platform.
  • Technology-leading hardware firewall with intrusion detection and protection.

All rights to your data are maintained by you. We provide you the ability to easily export your data and take it elsewhere, if desired.

  • Your contact data will never be shared with a third party. No exceptions.
  • So long as your account is active, you have full access to your data, for viewing or transfer, at any time.

By leveraging Amazon Web Services Cloud service, we are able to provide the following;

  • Redundant operations in off-site locations, in case of a catastrophic event (fire, earthquake, etc.).
  • Back-up servers to avoid service disruptions if a piece of hardware fails.
  • Around-the-clock performance monitoring, so issues can be detected and addressed promptly.

DealPad provides the following support;

  • Web and email support with a guaranteed 24 hour response time.
  • A skilled, well-trained team of support professionals.
  • Submit an unlimited number of support tickets, at no additional cost.

DealPad is constantly improving performance and functionality of its product. As a customer, you will benefit from;

  • All performance updates to our product.
  • Upgrades that require no effort or disruption to you and usually carried out during off-peak hours (CEST).
  • A formal mechanism for gathering customer feedback and suggestions, and incorporating this feedback into product roadmaps.
  • Frequent new product development cycles. Some new features and products may not be available to you without upgrading.

Integrations with leading CRM vendors such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Pipedrive & Zoho are available on a bespoke basis. Each integration is customized and planned individually. You can discuss this with us. To talk to our pre-sales team, email us.


Yep! We have a team dedicated to building new features and improving performance of existing functionality. We always love to hear product ideas from our customers, so if there is anything you think we could be doing better or a feature we don’t currently offer but you’d love to have, email us. We pay £500 to anyone that suggests a new product or feature we haven’t yet thought about and release as an enhancement on DealPad.

In short, no. All new performance updates will automatically be rolled out to all of our customers. New features will be released, many of which will automatically be made available to all of our customers. Some new features and products will be made available to all of our customers for an additional fee.

That’s awesome! We love feedback and suggestions to improve our product & help you build the tooling your sales folks need to succeed. Email us and we’ll arrange to chat about your requirements