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David Meyer on personalisation Vs Relevancy, surviving 3 downturns & owning your number.

David Mayer

David Meyer

MD & Co-founder,
Clarify B2B
David is the co-founder of clarify, an organization helping global tech companies around the world, create sustainable revenue with sales, marketing & talent consulting services.
With over 20 years of experience in the software/technology industry, David has a rich understanding of B2B selling & leading sales teams from Mid-Market to Enterprise. Since starting Clarify, the team has grown from 6 people to under 200 employees, working with high value technology clients worldwide.
David is also a proud trustee of the Clarify Foundation, a foundation aimed at directly supporting underserved communities. To date, the foundation has helped raise $150,000 for improving the provision of education across 10 primary schools in Uganda.


Understand the blockers in your sales process & spend time to close
Build trust and mutually align with your buyers
Stop wasting time on deals that end in no decision
Discover & engage large buying teams
Forecast with certainty
Learn more, get a personalized product demo