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Krysten on 3 secrets to closing pipeline, multi-threading like a pro & becoming a top performer.

No more complex sales processes - KNOW MORE
Krysten Conner

Krysten Conner

Sales Strategist
Krysten started her journey in sales after 2015, previously working as a History teacher & shortly after, within a family business. After a bold career change to pursue a new path in sales whilst still in search of scratching the itch of teaching & helping others, Krysten has become one of the most well recognised voices in sales & software.
From mastering sales herself as an enterprise AE in companies including Tableau, Outreach & Salesforce, Krysten now teaches other early-stage AE’s in their journey to becoming top performers.
As of today, Krysten is a well respected thought leader & mentor. Alongside, she is also a Sales Strategist for UserGems, a pipeline generation platform helping other b2b SaaS companies generate pipeline & prevent churn.


Understand the blockers in your sales process & spend time to close
Build trust and mutually align with your buyers
Stop wasting time on deals that end in no decision
Discover & engage large buying teams
Forecast with certainty
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