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Cameron on the founder/investor disconnect, frameworks for consulting & what makes a great community.

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson

Founder & CRO
Cameron has over 12 years in leading sales teams, generating revenue & growing sales functions. Cameron started out heading up & helping grow sales teams as a BDM, in start-ups including Mysalesbox & RandomStorm. After RandomStorm was acquired by NCC Group, he then spent the next few years climbing the ranks at ZeroDayLab, a cyber security advisory firm.
Since, Cameron has gone on to work within consulting & fractional CRO and Sales leadership roles within Stripe, Funnel, Appsec Phoenix & Threat essentials. He’s also the founder & CRO of Revnu, a commercial consultancy firm offering fractional CRO, VP of sales, marketing, CS access & training for exciting tech companies from pre-seed to IPO. Alongside Revnu, Cameron has also founded & is a board advisor within multiple communities including Hultrepreneurs, an international business school alumni entrepreneurial and growth mindset community & Fractionals United, the leading global community for fractional executives.


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Build trust and mutually align with your buyers
Stop wasting time on deals that end in no decision
Discover & engage large buying teams
Forecast with certainty
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