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Gavin Hewitt on EQ in an automated world, protecting the heart of an organization & throwing fuel on fire in sales.

Gavin Hewitt

Gavin Hewitt

VP of Sales
Gavin is the Vice president of sales at Attentive, a mobile messaging platform for innovative ecom and retail brands.
With over 20 years of cumulative experience as a founder, CEO, sales leader & investor, Gavin is no stranger to revenue generation & GTM strategy in the software industry.
After starting, scaling and exiting his first business, Compass Power Services, Gavin swiftly moved into heading up sales teams as a VP, in companies such as Bluecore, Yonder & now Attentive.
Outside his main day-to-day, Gavin works on helping other startups scale as part of the Techstars Seattle program, a globally recognised technology accelerator.