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Jamal on building an enterprise sales machine, stories from the trenches & being the field marshal of the roman legion for enterprise sales.

Jamal Reimer

Jamal Reimer

Enterprise Sellers
On this week's episode of the sales leader series, I’m talking to Jamal Reimer. Jamal has over 30 years of experience in tech, software & sales. Having started managing teams of reps & being a top performing rep himself, Jamal has gone on to become one of the most well known & well respected enterprise sales voices in his field.
Having spent over 10 years climbing the ranks & perfecting the craft at Oracle, Jamal has since gone on to write a bestselling book ‘mega deal secrets’, founded multiple companies including outboundless–a creative outbound marketing company–and has started professional networks including Enterprise Sellers - a network for ambitious enterprise sellers looking to network, learn and grow, become elite reps and close life-changing deals.
Outside of this, Jamal is an LP at the GTMfund & acts as a strategic advisor for a host of different tech businesses.


Understand the blockers in your sales process & spend time to close
Build trust and mutually align with your buyers
Stop wasting time on deals that end in no decision
Discover & engage large buying teams
Forecast with certainty
Learn more, get a personalized product demo