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Oliver on the key to negotiation, risk in enterprise deals & the rise of social selling.

Oliver Klander

Oliver Klander

Head of CPG, International for LiveRamp
Oliver is a sales & operations leader with 20 years of experience in sales, marketing & revenue generation within industries including Media, Data & Tech.
Oliver started his career as an account director in the early 2000s, moving up into new companies & leadership roles, gaining experience working with some of the largest & most recognised companies.
Oliver also has his own AdTech/MarTech consultancy firm, K&Co, advising others on GTM strategies using his experience in strategy, digital & sales enablement.
Oliver moved into SaaS as a VP of sales & CRO after working at Cambridge Analytica in companies including ReMake Video & Ignition AI.
Oliver now works as the Head of CPG for LiveRamp, a data connectivity platform that aggregates customer data across different channels to help inform marketing & advertising decisions & strategies.


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