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Seamus on starting from ‘the problem’, data governance VS data strategy & the future of RevOps.

Seamus Ruiz-Earle

Seamus Ruiz-Earle

CEO & Founder
The Carabiner Group
Seamus, not having planned to be in consulting or RevOps, started his career with aspirations in Investment banking. After searching for experience in high school & having only been met with dead-ends in IB, he was offered an opportunity by Prager & Co, one of the banks he'd reached out to. Like the other firms, they were apprehensive of giving him a client facing role–too young, lacked experience, regulatory issues–but what they did need, was someone to set up their CRM.
While working for Prager, & still in college, Seamus became the youngest Trailblazer in Salesforce History, speaking at Dreamforce when he was only 18. Having developed the skills, experience & hunger in implementing software and RevOps, Seamus decided to have a crack at consulting himself.
Fast forward to today & after just three years in business, Seamus is the CEO & Founder of the The Carabiner Group, a very well recognised Revenue & Sales Ops consultancy firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping high growth tech companies, financial & educational institutions set-up complex CRM configurations & develop RevOp/Sales Ops strategy. Seamus is also a valued founding member within well established revenue communities such as Pavilion


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