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Volker on the owner/manager disconnect, where sales often needs the most support & the importance of a growth mindset.

Volker Ballueder

Volker Ballueder

Founder & Coach
Ballueder Partners Ltd
Volker has a wide ranging, rich background in sales, tech, marketing & consulting. Volker started his career on the front lines in telesales, hitting phones & exceeding quota. He then moved into management roles at multiple tech companies, in director & VP roles. Having proved his success in leading teams in companies like WebCertain, Dataxu, Rocketfuel, Dentsu & 4C insights.
Shortly after, Volker founded Ballueder partners - a sales coaching & consultancy firm helping tech/Saas firms build and implement successful GTM & marketing strategies. Since, Volker has been within fractional CRO & VP roles, with a proven track record of accelerating sales & enhancing business development functions. He is also a bestselling author of ‘Principles for success’ - a book summarizing key principles for success in life (and business) & the host of the ‘Man up/Man down show’ podcast.


Understand the blockers in your sales process & spend time to close
Build trust and mutually align with your buyers
Stop wasting time on deals that end in no decision
Discover & engage large buying teams
Forecast with certainty
Learn more, get a personalized product demo